Thursday, September 6, 2007

Textsecrets On the Radio...

Last night we did the first round of Textsecrets on the radio show for ages - here are just a few of the ones we recieved...

I’m afraid of Fiat Puntos! Really, they freak me out!

I’m sleeping with my best friends brother and he treats me like shite.

I love her with all my heart but I can't bear to be in the same room as her kids.

I find it tough to talk to my girlfriend about my mothers death. She would be perfect if she could listen.

I’m still madly in love with my ex boyfriend. I can’t tell any of my friends coz they hate him & I can’t tell him either. I’m heartbroken. I know we’re meant to be together.

My dad told me he had an affair. I`m fine with it cos my mum relies on him so much but he needs a life outside the house.

I’m 21 and sometimes I frequently wet the bed.

I`ve a tattoo. I don’t drink, smoke, do drugs or go out much. Nobody would ever dream of me getting one & my parents would kill me if they knew.

Had sex with my best friend’s girl in the loo! He was in the next cubicle, he didn’t know it was us. We laughed about it later.

Rick, I’m in love with my best friend for the last four years. She always wonders why I can’t hold onto a girlfriend, if only she knew!

I want to leave my partner and go travelling with our child.

I've had 3 rabbits living in my basement for 5 years now and my husband doesn't know.

I think I may be depressed but can’t say anything because I’m 17 and I’m afraid I’ll be dismissed. I hate putting on an act but I don’t want to be thought of as an attention seeking teen.

I wrote a letter to the man who donated his sperm to create me hoping to meet him and thank him for doing so, for I have an amazing life.

I tried to kill myself two years ago. I've never gotten over being bullied in school and I never want them to find out how much they ruined my life.

I’m a 29 year old girl and have never had sex. I never said it to anyone. People just assume I have cos of my age, so I just go with it, but deep down I am scared shitless.

My middle name is Mary and I’m a man. I’ve kept it a secret all my life.

I had sex on a hotel bar counter in Donegal.

I'm bulimic but can't tell anyone, as I've put my family through hell over the last few years!

I'm afraid I'll end up all alone. I'm an only child, my parents are separated and I feel all alone. I had my heart broken at half two today.

When I get home from work, I love watching TV and smelling in between my toes.

In a club one night, I dropped a bottle of beer in the toilet - I was drunk – but I picked it out, went back to my seat and swapped it with a guy’s beer who was chatting me up.

Am handing in my notice in work tomorrow after four years. Can’t stand the person I have to work with. She makes me cry myself to sleep every night and I’m the boss.

I won 2.3 million on the English Lotto before moving to Galway. No-one in Ireland knows about it. Yeah, go me!

I am fat, ugly and secretly in love with someone ten years younger then me. It breaks my heart to know I have no chance with them.

I'm the life and soul of every party and my friends say I'm always in good form and am the happiest person they know but it’s all really just a mask and a lot of the time I can't see the point of life.

I never told anyone that I got my kidney infection from an overdose.

I accidentally found my Mum's vibrator this morning.

I lived out foreign years ago, was homeless and worked as a rent boy to make ends meet. I'm also bi-sexual, addicted to sex and thinking of getting a cross gender operation. There is something about me. What a relief to get that off my chest!

I'm a kleptomaniac. I steal money from everyone I know, my family, my friends, even my friend's parents’ purses too. I don’t know why cos I don't actually need the money I take. If I was ever caught, I would be so ashamed but with this in mind I still steal.

I had a sex change 4 years ago in New Zealand… and my current boyfriend doesn’t know.

I injured my leg 12 years ago in a farm accident and my Mam and Dad told me on Sunday that I received the sum of 160,000 euro. I’m getting it in 4 weeks.

I live at home and hate it. Also I'm afraid of failing in life.

I hate my mother cos she beat me every day when I was small... my brother and little sister too. None of us can confront her about it and we’re in our 40's now.

I took my fathers credit card and put 2k on a poker site. I built it up to 15k within a month but lost it all in the space of 2 hours. If he knew he'd kill me.

I stole a roll of buy 1 get 1 free tape from Dunnes and every week I tape together 2 pre-packed steaks, so I only pay for 1.

I’m sitting in a tattoo parlour listening to you. I’ve very slightly soiled myself with fear. My friends are with me so I can’t leave.